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My name is Maria and this is where I tell my life story at.
Gwyneth Paltrow and Robert Downey Jr in Gag Reel

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Do you have a link?

Where can I find comics online to put on my ipad?

Like: The Hulk, Captain America, etc.

Also, which ones should I start with?

Anonymous asked: having opinion is one thing, I totally understand that. but why do you spam every tag with your hate? THAT is pathetic


But going on Anon isn’t pathetic? I think you’re missing the point here. If you have something to say, say it off anon or don’t say it at all. 


The thing is, when Hook said ”I’m glad your heart is broken, it means it still works”, he meant:

”The only reason I can think of for why you’re not reciprocating my feelings is that there must be something wrong with you”.

And that’s not romantic, that’s just fucked up.

halfbloodwizardoffactionpanem asked: I don't need to tell you this, but ignore the anons. Your blog is brutally honest. People not being able to handle that; THAT'S what's pathetic!


Ahhh. Thank you! You’re so right. Sometimes, I feel like anons should just stop being scared about saying what they feel and hiding behind anon and say it to my face. You’re awesome! 

Anonymous asked: You are pathetic attention seeker. I may not ship captain swan but this, what you do is lame.


Again, if you want to say something like this, comment off of anon. It’s pathetic that you can hide behind an anonymous inbox message but want to call me pathetic for publicly saying something. :)

Anonymous asked: you are such an attention whore, it's a pity people like you exist in this fandom


It’s funny how people can’t get off anon to criticize people. I’ve never said one thing about anyone who ships them, just that I do not. I’m allowed to have my own opinion about who I do or do not ship, so please, if you want to call me an attention whore, at least give off anon. Because that’s pathetic. 

I bet this the same person who spammed my ask yesterday. You know what I did to all that? Just deleted it. It’s funny how you think this is affecting me in any way. hahaha. 

Rumple needed Snow and Charmings baby (Emma) in order to find Bae.. Thats why it fits so well that Emma and Neal are each others true love.. It would be such a beautiful story telling and an amazing love story..


  • Both were abandoned..
  • Both were born in FTL and grew up in our world..
  • Both were lost children..
  • Both had lived with a new foster family for a short time..

The Swan family brought Emma back when they got their own child and Emma needed to survive on her own since than.
Neal had to leave the Darlings for their own safety and needed to survive since than as well..

  • Both were thieves at the same times when they met and even stole the same car..
  • And than they even produced a kid together with the heart of the truest believer..

Serious, these two are such a perfect match together, that I just don’t get why they killed off Neal…:-(

It doesn’t feel right..

So they could feed the CS fans. Because apparently they are more influential. Blech.

Rumplestilskin: Every Story Needs A Memorable Detail


This Couple









I LOVED how there was hardly any Captain Swan scenes in OUAT last night.


Why did you tag this captain swan? Are you asking for hate, do you want people to think you are rude, because you do seam so. I just don’t understand you people!

Your spelling for seem is wrong. But not, like I’ve already said, I’m allowed to tag whatever I want.

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